My final thoughts about The Diary of Anne Frank

I have finished reading the book now and i will say that it is a AMAZING book and that the next grade 8, next year will enjoy reading it as well. I think that every one should read this book because it makes you think about how lucky you are to be living safe and not in fear every second of the day, and having to be inside for a LONG period of time

What i liked about the book is that it was a play version of her diary and this made me actually see how it happened and how she expresed her self. And i also saw all these thing because i also saw the film of the diary of Anne Frank.

What i disliked about the book is that it was a play version, but i only say this because i want to read the original and not the play version of the diary since it is not really her notes it is a play from her notes which they made into a play.

And all i have to say is that this book is really good and that everyone should have time to read it because it is an eye opener for people because the book makes you think about how good you have your life compaired to the Franks.

These were my final thoughts about the book: The Diary of Anne Frank

YIKES that was CLOSE! (the diary of Anne Frank)


That was really close as i was reading there was alot of SUSPENCE in one part so i just had to comment about it.
The part im commenting on is the part they are in hiding the family just had a big discusion about maybe having to throw out “Mouschie” their cat, because they are saying that he is eating all the food.

After that discusion two Nazi Soldiers come into the building looking to see if there is anyone there, they also went up into the building because they were hearing noises in it and so they thuoght that they should go look what is hapening other there in the building.

And this is also another thing i have to comment about is that, they were saying that the cat should go but the cat saves them from getting caught, because the soldiers were right outside the door of where they were and the cat meowed so they only thought it was a cat doing all the noise and they left.

This is one of my favorite parts of the book The Diary of Anne Frank. 

Thoughts About the Franks (The Diary of Anne Frank)

My first impression of the Franks in the book The Diary of Anne Frank was that they were a very careful family because in the beginning of the book there was another family called the Van Daans and the Franks said that they were late because they were scared of getting caught so they went the long way to not get caught and this gives me an impression that they are a very careful family. They also gave me the impresion that they are a very loving and caring family and care about each other not only them selves.

Anne Frank:
Anne is a thirteen year old girl who is a girl who is happy for what she has and does not need any thing more that her family and what she has. Anne is a very cheerful person who always wants to have fun but cant because she has to be quite otherwise they would be taken to a consentration camp. Anne does not like being bossed around and wants to think for her self and does not want to follow other people.

Margrot Frank:
She is a very quite girl and is very smart, she is the elder sister of Anne and she and Anne are good friends and can have fun with each other. Margrot has not said that much in the book so much but, there i think that there is something between her and Peter Van Daan.

Mr. Frank:
He is a loving and caring father of Anne, and Margrot Frank, and he is the huband to Mrs Frank. Mr Frank is very careful and is very smart since he always know the answers to questions and teaches his children which means that he is really smart. Mr Frank is also very nice to everyone for example even thought the other family they share their hidding place with he is very nice to even thuoght they are always taking bad to them.

Mrs. Frank: My thoughts about Mrs. Frank is that she is also very caring just like Mr. Frank. I do not have that many things to say about Mrs. Frank because she has not said that much yet in the book, so all i have to say is that she is a very caring person for everyone and she is most of the time quiet.

These were my thuoghts about the Franks.

My Thoughts About the Book: The Diary of Anne Frank (so far)

My thoughts about this book so far is that the book is good and the book should make people foe example like me, enjoy life more since this family were part of a religion called Jewish and they were treated like dirt because they were Jewish. And as i said i think this book should be a eye opener for people who say their life is bad and so on, this sohu8lod be and eye opener because when you read the book they describe how they lived for the months they were in hiding and this should make you think about how good your life is because their life is very bad.

This book is of a true story which makes it even sadder for people to read because then you think of how bad it was for this family to live and to be treated as badly as they were. Since i am not finished with the book i do not know how it ends if they survive the war or if someone catches them for hiding. But i am guessing that it is going to be hard for them because they are already beginning to get angry at each other and that makes it harder for them to live together


(To be continued)


How important is merry-making in society?  This was our central unit question — now that you’ve studied a very silly play, complete with heaps of merry-making, what do you think? Is merry-making important? How? When? Why?.

Merry making is important in the community since people need to have fun so there needs to be room for merry making and to be silly and stupid at times. There also has to be some merry making when you have sad friends and you need merry making to cheer them up, by doing silly things e.t.c. being stupid and clumsy.

What do you know now, at the end of our unit, that you didn’t before?

What i learnt at the end of this unit and that i didnt know at the beginning is that it is REALLY warm when you have a thick pillow under a thick jumper when jumping around on stage. And i memorized some lines from the play for example “Gentlemen god save thee” i forgot the scene its in but i remember it so it counts as i memorized it. I also learnt that when a team memeber gives up it is HARD to work together and get the scene complete. I also learnt how to have fun infront of over 60 people, on stage, all you need is friends and props to play with. I also learnt that i am pretty good at acting and me and my group members made good discisions in the play because everyone gave us compliments


Thanks For Reading 

ThE pErfORMaNcE! 3..2..1.. ACtION! *ClAp*(with the director thingy)

  • If you were commissioned to design and direct a production of Twelfth Night, where would you set it? What would your Illyria look like? What would be your take on each character? What costumes, music, and special effects would you want?

 If i was making a production of Twelfth Night i would set it in a place where there are casltes and where there are alot of flowers and then i would make it so that if they walk for about 100m they would end up in a desert or a winter ice land.I would also make it as if that candy was growing out of the ground and off trees and plants. Illyria would look like a old fashion town with lots of bars and BIG castles in the town. There would be different climates and times in different places in illyria, so if someone moves for about 100m or more they might end up in a winter ice land or a hot sand storm in the desert. There would be lots of random music in the background ALL the time. And nearly time someone enters there will be a random noise and they will look around and nood their head. I would not use that much special effects for that the sun is wearing sun glasses and can talk.

  • How would you get each character off the stage in 5.1? Think about where they are going and how they feel. Do they stop and shake hands with other characters? Do they slink off or run off? This will be the last time the audience sees them. What impressions do you want to leave?
Since this is the last scene and the last time people will see them you want to leave a impresion that they are silly and stupid people. So at the last scene there will be as i said before that everytime someone enters there will be a random noise which annoys all or some characters and they will look around and go either “as i was saying” or something else. And when it is there time to go off they would have to fall down everytime they say a word, or fall down and  crawl away as if they had been hurt REALLY badly. And because they leave like that they will leave an impresion that they are stupid and silly.

_OuTsIDe?? Or InSIde??_DO u NOT hAvE any SHaME!?!

  1. Look carefully at Antonio’s speech in 3.4.316-321
  2. Paraphrase it (put into your own words).
 How vile can a person be!
 Sebastian after all these things have you no shame,
no one can be called evil but the unkind.
Virtue is beautiful but beauteous evil. 
Comment on it.
This speech was said by Antonio which says this to viola but thinks she is sebastian because of the resemblence. This part of the story is funny because this is when malvolio shows olivia that he loves her by showing the yellow stockings and everyone says hes crazy they lock him up in prison. And in this part viola and sir andrew fight. So it is pretty funny. 
Give some of your own examples of what he is talking about. Use experiences you’ve had, seen, or heard about.

One example of when this happened to me was when someone got me into alot of trouble for something i did not do and then i say do you now have any shame and i say that he is not nice and it is almost the same as in the speech


SkateboardinG–&–tRicks– _-.–.-_

Skateboarding started in the 1940s and 50s and other the years there has been MANY new skaters, and the data showed that other the years over 18.5 milion skaters in the world!! And over 74 precent are male.

Here are some tricks:


the ollie was created in the 70s by Alan Gelfand. This trick is the start of any other mor advanced trick for example a kickflip starts with a ollie and then you flip the board

person ollieing over a hole


This is a kickflip, a kickflip is a ollie and then you flip the board my pushing the side of the tip of the board with the tip of your shoes to make it spin around. A kickflip is better if you have a high ollie.


A heelflip looks exactly like a kickflip BUT IT IS NOT!! A heelflip us when yu push your heel to the part next to the tip of the board to make it spin like a kickflip and then land. A heelflip is better if you can spin it better.


A impossible is when you ollie and then you make the skateboard twist around your foot and then you land it. This move is a really hard move to do!!




There are many sort of shows which can be used for skateboarding one for example is Etnies. It is important to have skateboarding shoes to skateboard with because if you dont have skate shoes you will not have that much grip to the board as you would if you had skate shoes, and it CAN but it might not damage your grip tape. 





Joking around!!..or..not…?

  • Have you ever played a practical joke on someone, or been the victim of a practical joke? Write about your experience, making parallels between what happened to you and what’s happening to Malvolio.

 I have not played a pratical joke on someone YET, but i have been the victim of MANY practical jokes and one of them was when someone called me in classed when he knew that i had my phone with me so i almost got introuble. Another one is that someone wrote something naughty on one of my books and then i got in trouble for it. I have never been tricked as much as Malvolio i would think that it is harder to trick me than malvolio because if i found a note saying i love you by the person you like may not mean it is for you and, I would ask if it is true.

  • Make a list of all the epithets that are used for characters in 2.5 (e.g. “rascally sheep-biter,” “overweening rogue”).

 rare turkey cock of him (2.5.26)

Pistol him, pistol him! (2.5.32)

beat that rogue! (2.5.25)


…The Life Of Spike..

Spike is my dog he is a mix of a german shepard and somthing else which i dont know. He has a unusual life of a dog because before we bought him he lived at a farm somewhere in Vietnam and then he went to living in a house in the city. So he had alot to get used to like not doing his buisniness inside the house. When we had him and he was little he was jumping around and he loved people but then when he was one year old he started not liking people so eveytime someone goes by our house he barks. We do not know why he does this. There is also another thing about his life which is special and that is that he survived having a tumor on his leg, he had to get a an operation and he did very well.

Thank you for reading about Spike