Thoughts About the Franks (The Diary of Anne Frank)

My first impression of the Franks in the book The Diary of Anne Frank was that they were a very careful family because in the beginning of the book there was another family called the Van Daans and the Franks said that they were late because they were scared of getting caught so they went the long way to not get caught and this gives me an impression that they are a very careful family. They also gave me the impresion that they are a very loving and caring family and care about each other not only them selves.

Anne Frank:
Anne is a thirteen year old girl who is a girl who is happy for what she has and does not need any thing more that her family and what she has. Anne is a very cheerful person who always wants to have fun but cant because she has to be quite otherwise they would be taken to a consentration camp. Anne does not like being bossed around and wants to think for her self and does not want to follow other people.

Margrot Frank:
She is a very quite girl and is very smart, she is the elder sister of Anne and she and Anne are good friends and can have fun with each other. Margrot has not said that much in the book so much but, there i think that there is something between her and Peter Van Daan.

Mr. Frank:
He is a loving and caring father of Anne, and Margrot Frank, and he is the huband to Mrs Frank. Mr Frank is very careful and is very smart since he always know the answers to questions and teaches his children which means that he is really smart. Mr Frank is also very nice to everyone for example even thought the other family they share their hidding place with he is very nice to even thuoght they are always taking bad to them.

Mrs. Frank: My thoughts about Mrs. Frank is that she is also very caring just like Mr. Frank. I do not have that many things to say about Mrs. Frank because she has not said that much yet in the book, so all i have to say is that she is a very caring person for everyone and she is most of the time quiet.

These were my thuoghts about the Franks.

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