My Thoughts About the Book: The Diary of Anne Frank (so far)

My thoughts about this book so far is that the book is good and the book should make people foe example like me, enjoy life more since this family were part of a religion called Jewish and they were treated like dirt because they were Jewish. And as i said i think this book should be a eye opener for people who say their life is bad and so on, this sohu8lod be and eye opener because when you read the book they describe how they lived for the months they were in hiding and this should make you think about how good your life is because their life is very bad.

This book is of a true story which makes it even sadder for people to read because then you think of how bad it was for this family to live and to be treated as badly as they were. Since i am not finished with the book i do not know how it ends if they survive the war or if someone catches them for hiding. But i am guessing that it is going to be hard for them because they are already beginning to get angry at each other and that makes it harder for them to live together


(To be continued)

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