ThE pErfORMaNcE! 3..2..1.. ACtION! *ClAp*(with the director thingy)

  • If you were commissioned to design and direct a production of Twelfth Night, where would you set it? What would your Illyria look like? What would be your take on each character? What costumes, music, and special effects would you want?

 If i was making a production of Twelfth Night i would set it in a place where there are casltes and where there are alot of flowers and then i would make it so that if they walk for about 100m they would end up in a desert or a winter ice land.I would also make it as if that candy was growing out of the ground and off trees and plants. Illyria would look like a old fashion town with lots of bars and BIG castles in the town. There would be different climates and times in different places in illyria, so if someone moves for about 100m or more they might end up in a winter ice land or a hot sand storm in the desert. There would be lots of random music in the background ALL the time. And nearly time someone enters there will be a random noise and they will look around and nood their head. I would not use that much special effects for that the sun is wearing sun glasses and can talk.

  • How would you get each character off the stage in 5.1? Think about where they are going and how they feel. Do they stop and shake hands with other characters? Do they slink off or run off? This will be the last time the audience sees them. What impressions do you want to leave?
Since this is the last scene and the last time people will see them you want to leave a impresion that they are silly and stupid people. So at the last scene there will be as i said before that everytime someone enters there will be a random noise which annoys all or some characters and they will look around and go either “as i was saying” or something else. And when it is there time to go off they would have to fall down everytime they say a word, or fall down and  crawl away as if they had been hurt REALLY badly. And because they leave like that they will leave an impresion that they are stupid and silly.

One thought on “ThE pErfORMaNcE! 3..2..1.. ACtION! *ClAp*(with the director thingy)

  1. Hi Al3x – I’m curious about your response to the 2nd question. You haven’t really gone through and explained how you will get each character off stage. You’ve only said that you will get them “all” off stage looking silly. What about characters like Malvolio, who isn’t really a silly character in this last scene? Please can you specify, in a comment, how you will get each character off stage? List all the characters in the final scene, and decide what you’d do with each of them.

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