LOVE LOVE LOVE…love love love…love

Do you think there’s a difference in the way men love and the way women love? Explain.

I think that there is not that big different between men loving women and women loving men, because everyone has the same feeling if they are in love and so everyone would probably feel the same as everyone else.

Do either Viola or Orsino express views similar to your own? Or do you have a position on this question different from both of these characters? 

Orsino shows that he loves her by sending messages and send messengers to her to say that he loves her and that is very similar to my own way because i would send something to tell her how much i like her but i would not make someone else send it i would give it to her himself.

Find a line in this scene that you like or that strikes you in some way and comment on it.

The one line that stood out to me was ”Pistol him, pistol him!” (2.5.32) this stood out to me because this i think is a funny way to express how angry you are at someone because if you go up to someone and start screaming pistol him pistol him…. thats kinda weird but funny if its not you. It also stood out to me because when he said it he was behind a tree and i could imagine him being pulled back by sir toby because he is so angry he wants to shoot him but sir toby does not let him to go out from behind te tree.